Bitski and POAP Join Forces to Create the Ultimate Wallet Experience for POAPs

June 26, 2023

We are stoked to launch our new integration with POAP. Starting today, all of your POAPs can be easily viewed and organized in your Bitski wallet – meaning that you can revisit and show off all the places you’ve been to across Web3 and in real life. Web3 is vast, and only getting bigger – POAPs commemorate the connections you’ve shared with others and the places you’ve visited so that you can proudly relive and show off your OG status.

With this new integration, your POAPs will always appear in your Bitski wallet, helping paint a fuller picture of everywhere you’ve been and everything you’ve supported. We like to think of them as your on-chain photo album that you can proudly show to your friends or even children one day, “Look son, as POAPs are my witness, I was quite the wild degen back in the day.”

In your Bitski wallet, POAPs will always appear and be grouped in their own NFT collection, making it easy to distinguish them from your other NFTs and collectibles. After all, you keep your money and credit cards in wallet pockets separate from your family pictures or business cards, right?

A Quick Refresher on POAPs

POAP stands for Proof of Attendance Protocol. POAPS are NFTs built on unique smart contracts by POAP Inc. This makes it so they are free to mint, and can be thought of like stamps, marking all the events you’ve attended or witnessed in Web3. POAPs are commonly given out during happy hours, conferences, or meetups for Web3 events. They’re usually attached to a QR code for people to mint from their phone, making it perfect that they are now accessible through your Bitski Mobile App or Browser Wallet Extension.

Have any questions, comments, or feedback? Our DMs are always open 🤝 @bitski on Twitter.