Bitski Launches Enhanced Wallet Experience Across Desktop and iOS

May 26, 2022

Today, Bitski is announcing our new Bitski iOS Wallet and Browser Extension Wallet, another step in our commitment to providing a secure and easy-to-use wallet.

With our new Bitski Mobile and Browser Extension Wallet, we've re-envisioned the standards for what a web3 wallet can be, putting non-crypto and experienced crypto users at the center of the design process. The result is a wallet that is secure, accessible, and intuitive across mobile and desktop, even for new web3 users.

"Relentless focus on thoughtfully solving user problems allowed us to ship an intuitive, seamless and secure wallet experience," said CEO and co-founder Donnie Dinch. "We believe that wallets will be the most important consumer application over the next 20 years – rivaling email-level distribution. With our launch today, users can begin their journey traversing decentralized applications while giving them peace of mind that their assets are safe."

Our newly launched Bitski Mobile and Browser Extension Wallet includes the following enhanced features:

Bitski Vault — Digital goods, physically safe

Self-Custody Support

Bitski Safe Transactions

Cross-Platform Support — Seamlessly toggle between desktop and mobile

Wallet Activity Feed

Wallet Activity Alerts

Floor Price Alerts

Decentralized App Browser

NFT Management

Wallets play a critical role as our passport to various digital cultures and communities – but most wallets in today’s markets are difficult to navigate. Wallet setup with seed phrases can be confusing, interpreting on-chain activity can be difficult, and toggling between different wallets on mobile and desktop can be clunky. The new iOS and Browser Extension Wallet address all of these user pain points to deliver a better wallet experience.

The Bitski Wallet is compatible with two of the world’s leading blockchains, Ethereum and Polygon, allowing users to easily switch between leading decentralized applications (dApps) and explore the world of web3 via NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Magic Eden, Zora, Manifold, and more.

With the new Bitski Wallet, you can say goodbye to confusing seed phrases and wallets with no security. Instead, you can enjoy a game-changing new way to manage your digital assets and identity, all designed with the user in mind.

In the past year, Bitski has seen over 190% growth in wallet set-up and has worked with global brands like Red Bull, Adidas, Levi’s, and more to bring web3 experiences to the masses as one of the only wallets to offer email/password login. Backed by a16z, Kindred Ventures, Galaxy Digital, and others, Bitski is making web3 accessible for everyone.

Our announcement today furthers our mission of being the best consumer wallet in the world. For more information about Bitski and our wallet offerings, visit our website at

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