Watched Wallets: Never Miss Activity Across Your Favorite Digital Wallets

October 27, 2022

Keeping an eye on your assets or the digital content of others can sometimes be a blessing and a curse when it comes to blockchain activity.

Hot wallets. Cold wallets. Kind-of-warm wallets. Wallets of influencers. How does one person keep track of them all?

Recently we rolled out “Watched Wallets,” a new feature that allows Bitski iOS Wallet users to monitor the activity of any wallet, whether or not they own it. With an 0x wallet address or ENS (Ethereum Naming Service), you can quickly add a wallet to your Bitski Wallet app that allows you to monitor what assets are in the wallet and any future activities the wallet takes on-chain. The Wallet app immediately sends you a push notification for on-chain activity, bids and offers so that you can see what large buyers and sellers might be purchasing.

This level of insight into wallet activity is the level of transparency that should be the standard across all front-end experiences at wallets that give access to blockchain technology for users. We will continue to roll out new levels of insights, measurement, and more to our users.

Why would I want to know about wallet activity on-the-go?

How do I add a wallet to watch?

  1. Open your Bitski app and click the island icon in the top left corner
  1. Click “Wallet wallet” at the bottom
  1. Type in the ENS or 0x of the wallet you want to keep an eye
  1. Name it and click “add.”

Watch it in action, here.

Will there be more features like this? How do I find out before everyone else?

Glad you asked. We have a private beta that we are sending to friends, family, and other degens-alike. Please send us a DM on Twitter or message one of our mods in Discord to learn more.