Bitski Droplinks: Claim an NFT with 1-Click

November 2, 2022

Minting an NFT in Web3 can be complex. Airdrops are manual, there is a lot of spam out there, and if you make one mistake, it can get costly with gas fees. If it’s your first time, the typical process can take 5-10 minutes and might look looks like this:

  1. Find an NFT you’re excited about
  1. Create a wallet
  1. Remember your private key
  1. Buy crypto
  1. Pay for gas fees (that help you transact on-chain)
  1. Buy the NFT
  1. Realize you don’t have enough to cover gas, so you buy more crypto and pay for more gas fees
  1. Finally, purchase the NFT

Users should be able to opt into what they receive into their wallet & creators should be able to distribute their NFTs efficiently.

Introducing: Bitski Droplinks

Droplinks are a gasless way of distributing NFTs while allowing you to opt-in to receive an NFT. Gasless means that the user does not need to pay any gas fees, and there is minimal to no cost for the creator. No minting fees!

You can redeem an NFT into your wallet in just a few steps with a single link. No wallet? No worries! During the claiming process, you can set up a Bitski Wallet using our easy sign-up process.

We’ve seen creators use Droplinks to distribute tokens for their community’s top contributors or as a POAP for an IRL event. Droplinks are a great way to reward communities and engage fans.

How do I redeem a Droplink?

  1. Click “Claim Now” on the Droplink page.
  1. Let the minting magic happen as the NFT automatically mints into your wallet.
  1. Head to your wallet to check out your NFT!

Interested in creating a Droplink so that your community can easily claim an NFT and create a web3 wallet? Reach out directly to the team by emailing