Getting started with your Bitski Wallet: How To Unlock Web3

April 7, 2022

Congratulations! Your Bitski Wallet is ready. Let us be the first to say, Welcome to Web3. Your Bitski Wallet is your portal to this new landscape which at first can seem a little strange — at least it did for us. No matter. That will fade fast. Here are the first three things you should do.

1. Set up your wallet and follow the onboarding screen; it will take 30 seconds and is a great way to learn about all you can use your Bitski Wallet for.

2. Claim a free NFT on us; what’s the value of a wallet without something like some cool art or a digital collectible inside it, right?

3. Once you’ve done that, it is time to add your other wallets as either a watched wallet or an imported wallet if you’re more native to Web3.

Ready to learn more about the Bitski Wallet?

Okay! You’re ready to dive deeper. Now, we’ll look around at the different parts of your Bitski Wallet to understand what they do and what you can do with them. Let’s begin with the Bitski Vault

The Bitski Vault

Bitski Vault wallets are super secure wallets that can be accessed with your personal login information, just like a regular email/password account. To make this happen, we keep your keys safely in our hardware where they will never leave and where your transactions will be signed there. This lets us provide the convenience of a Gmail or Facebook account (password resets, multiple 2FA options, etc.) but with the security of a cold storage/hardware wallet — (Bitski cannot access the private keys, they can only be accessed by you). In total, this has the benefit of allowing you to traverse Web3 seamlessly, without needing to become an expert at managing your public or private keys.

Self-Custody or “Hot” Wallets: Maybe you already Self-Custody your assets or have a “hot” wallet, one from MetaMask, Coinbase, or Gamestop? No worries, you can easily import your existing wallet by just:

  1. Pressing Import Wallet.
  1. Then adding your Seed Phrase to complete the import.

We strongly support guarding your keys, so we made sure you can still Self-Custody and use our app. You can use Bitski to browse the blockchain and enjoy features like our Drip Feed.

NFTs and Cryptocurrency

Wallets are only as good as what’s inside them. In the case of your Bitski, that’s the tokens or cryptocurrency you own. These might be NFTs from popular OpenSea collections, Web3 projects like gaming, or tokens from DeFi portals and other exchanges. Some might be more important to you than others, so hide the NFTs or cryptocurrencies you don’t want to see, or just let Bitski’s spam filter block it before you even see it in your wallet.

Decentralized Application (dApp) Browser

Here is where you launch off. To get you started, we assembled a list of the most secure, most useful decentralized apps for you to connect directly from inside the app. Flip NFTs on OpenSea, mint new collections to your wallet, and swap one token for another: all within a well-fitted window on your phone, with no need for a desktop computer. Try it here! Grab some MATIC (Polygon’s native token) here, and go to Magic Eden to get yourself an NFT.

Drip Feed

Here is where the magic happens, where you can discover new and exciting projects. On the Drip Feed, you’ll see a list we have curated of the best projects — categorized by bluechip NFT collections, cheap value buys, gaming collections, and more. If you find one you like, you can Mint it directly from the dApp browser within seconds.

Browser Extension

Going deeper on your desktop computer, or just don’t have an iPhone? No worries, Bitski has a browser extension product (similar to MetaMask, only better) that is conveniently NFT focused, while still connecting to the best dApps around. Login and wallet management syncs across platforms so you can stay up to speed.

All in all, this is to say there is a lot than can be done with Bitski. Because we want your Bitski Wallet to feel like your headquarters for Web3, we made sure you have all the features you would need to access Web3 with speed, security, and ease. Everything you need to browse the new internet. Ready to start and play around? Download the Bitski App below. (Remember, too, If you have any questions, never hesitate to reach out). Happy Trails!

Download the iOS app & Browser Extension