Introducing Bitski's Portfolio View: See Your NFT and Crypto Portfolio in a New Light

June 5, 2023

Today we’re announcing the launch of Bitski’s Portfolio View, a new wallet feature that will enable you to see your portfolio in a new light. No more juggling different apps or screens to monitor your digital assets, the addition of Portfolio View to the Bitski Wallet iOS app allows you to comprehensively track various wallets across chains in one convenient place. Whether you own assets on Ethereum, Arbitrum, or Polygon, Portfolio View lets you track them all.  Let’s go deeper.

Track Your Entire Portfolio with One Tap

Bitski's Wallet Portfolio View supercharges how you manage and monitor your digital assets, both NFTs and cryptocurrencies. By consolidating tracking your portfolio into one, multi-chain and multi-wallet view through Bitski’s easy wallet import feature, you can develop a deep understanding of how to build your portfolio to achieve the best performance.

Analyze Portfolio Value Over Time

With percentage changes and the ability to chart the performance of your assets across all your wallets over time, Bitski Wallet now — in addition to keeping your assets safe and secure — empowers you to make informed decisions based on the performance trends of your holdings.

Toggle Wallets to Create a Personalized Portfolio View

You can also pick and choose which wallets you want to include in your portfolio view — toggling them on and off as you see fit so that you can have the ultimate view of your digital assets. Whether you prefer to track assets solely from your Bitski Vault or across all your wallets, Portfolio View gives you optionality.

To get started, simply access Portfolio View from the "Drip Feed" icon within the Bitski iOS app. From there, you can build your personalized portfolio by selecting the wallets you wish to track.

To learn more about how to use Portfolio View and explore all of its capabilities, you can read our support article here. Have feedback about the new feature? Feel free to reach us, our email is or on Twitter @bitski.